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The Aunties
Cosmic Dad

About us //

Vitality Records is an independent creative company based on Gold Coast, Australia. Our main focus, and the founding thought of the company, is our Record Label/Music Group. Vitality Records Music Group includes management, recording and publishing, along with songwriting and artist development. Our mission is to sign the most talented and most passionate artists and launch them into the challenging international market with the unmatched support VR offers.

The music industry, the biggest and most challenging market in the world. Vitality, as an upcoming independent label, is the equivalent to a goldfish in an ocean full of sharks. Knowing this, we've devised clever market strategies that will be in works to assist us in standing WITH the rest. Recognising the "with", it's not our goal to be the best and biggest, the goal is to have a voice as a label and to voice the artists we manage, for the love of music.

Along with the music, as VR is a creative company, we have Vitality Records Clothing Co., a clothing label with a taste for 'different' and Vitality Records Magazine, both in development and coming soon.

Dimitrios Mois (Founder and CEO) has always had a passion for music and the creative arts with stems from a musical family, his father being a former DJ, and his Grandfather, who played various instruments like the Violin and Mandolin. Focusing and combining his passion for Audio Engineering and Production with his ambition, Dimitrios created Vitality Records.

Now, Vitality Records' artist roster consists of acts including ANNY, Unacceptable, MiCCY, Filthy Minds and Cosmic Dad.