MICCY - an 18 year old, Brisbane musician

About MICCY //

MiCCY (Micayla van Wyk) is an 18 year old, Brisbane musician. Born in South Africa, MiCCY has always been surrounded with music. As a three year old, she would watch Michael Jackson live shows on her tv for hours upon hours, being one of her most influential artists to this day.

MiCCY has performed her entire life, been involved not only as a singer, guitarist and key player, but as a dancer and actress. MiCCY has a huge passion for musical theatre. In fact, before discovering the Bachelor of Popular music at the Griffith University, MiCCY was auditioning for various Australian schools such as the Victorian College of Arts and the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. Her choice however, was to pursue her original music.

In high school, MiCCY was involved in dance groups for genres like Jazz, Hip Hop, contemporary & Ballet, as well as school bands, choirs, drama nights etc. She was awarded the cultural award in her last year of school which sparked her passion to pursue music as a career.

MiCCY is influenced by artists like, Alicia Keys, Solange, Jorja Smith, Beyonce, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, and Tori Kelly. She has a soft spot for Acoustic R&B, growing up she was surrounded with 80s and 90s R&B which is the main root of her sound.

MiCCY has big plans to release music in 2018 with an ep in works.