Our overall mission is to support the most talented and most passionate artists and launch them into the challenging international market while making as big of a positive impact on the world as we can.

What we do:

VITALITY RECORDS is an independent creative media organisation based in Gold Coast, Australia. The main focus and the founding thought of the organisation is our music group which includes management, recording and publishing, along with songwriting and artist development.

At VITALITY RECORDS we are passionate about the issues of the world environmental issues. Whether it be our plastic infested oceans or polluted skies, we are dedicated to helping fight against these issues and the issues that surround them.

Who we are:

Run by Dimitrios Mois, a 19 y/o individual passionate about anything creative, along with his strong passion for environmental, humanitarian and animal rights issues.

Dimitrios started the organisation in 2016 as a platform to self-publish a band he was in called The Esoteric Few. Using resources and contacts he developed to form a dynamically independent band.

After his extensive research on local and international record label operations, he was motivated to change the norm and create a fairer industry - crediting the artist more for their work, rather than soaking up their income and transforming their image to pop standards. He wanted to make a change.

Come 2018, to develop his presence in the local music scene on the Gold Coast, Dimitrios started a series of events called 'VR Sessions'. From Brisbane to North NSW, Dimitrios was part of a range of events and gathered essential industry experience quickly.

Along the way in 2018, close friends of Dimitrios established their bands; ANNY and Unacceptable. Dimitrios has been involved in the back end support of these bands to further develop his industry experience and, at the same time, support the development of these talented bands.

Now in 2019, Vitality Records is hoping to involve itself with some big industry organisations such as Q Music, A.I.R, APRA AMCOS, and many more - to bring some essential resources, that are usually difficult to acquire, free to the public to create an easily accessible platform for all aspiring creatives.

Check in with our site for regular updates on the operations we undertake and for various industry opportunities and news.

Dimitrios Mois

Managing Director


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