Gold Coast’s own Unacceptable fuse the do-it-yourself charisma of slacker rock with the chorus driven post punk charm. Fresh from the demise of a failed band, guitarist/vocalist Wes Ambler and guitarist Thom Hall played together in a small room at the university they attended one afternoon when serendipitously, soon to be drummer, Kelly Gelzinnis walks in and suggests the idea of a band. The very same afternoon, bassist Marcus Kolo Higgs walks in after hearing through the walls an opportunity and officially forming Unacceptable.

The four began sharing ideas and as instantly as they formed, they wrote and self-recorded their first single ‘License to Leave’. Gaining a following in a small corner of the internet where they shared their music, they branched out to local bars and built a name for themselves locally, all the while working on their debut EP.


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